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The Little Things in Life

Short and sweet, now Matt. I’m not writing an essay on happiness.

I have the read The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha. It was once a blog about little things that happen in our lives that a commonly overlooked and under-appreciated. Not that they may have any significance at all, but that they can make life seem like everything has its place and events happen as they should. All seems well with the world.

"Little things, it turns out, are extremely important to happiness, and The Book of Awesome will remind you of a thousand little things that will make you happier”

Here are some of my favorites:

  • - Popping bubble wrap, arriving at destination as end of favorite song
  • - Getting the prefect milk-to-cereal ratio, high tens and high-fiving babies
  • - Peeling that thin plastic of new electronics (For all you Big Bang Theory fans)
  • blowing out all the candles with one breath
  • - Complete silence, calm water, laughing so hard you make no sound, a good hug, snow says, waking up and realizing it’s Saturday
  • Finding lost keys
  • fixing electronics by smacking them, two items from a vending machine
  • the end of a good book, smiling and thinking of past good friends that are gone
  • illegal naps, your pillow, couch-cushion forts, hanging your hand out a window
  • the last day of school, remembering how lucky we are to be here RIGHT NOW.

Because our lives are all so fast-paced and we can barely say “I’m very well” to one another walking down the hallway, we need to slow down every once in a while.  Appreciate from the size of the universe to the smallest grain of sand, and never lose that mindset. Happiness is not in things, it is in us. If you can learn to even appreciate obstacles, you can be realistic instead of pessimistic.

If you can learn to appreciate the small things, gratitude for the larger things will come easy and become more memorable. The small tasks are the foudation for completing the large tasks.

What’s wonderful about life is we see different things by seeing things differently. interpretation is important, but we all experience the same things. This allows to relate to one another, connect our experiences, and share in the  appreciation of things that often go unnoticed until distinctly observed. 

Think about it. 

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