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Not once have I ever been discouraged or let down by the number of views or lack-there-of on any of my videos. You know why? Because I’m happy to be alive and standing, kind of, and talking to you. I’ve made it. And I’m happy. And I’m doing what I want to do. And everything that comes next is extra. And on top of that, I don’t think I’ve even come close to my best work yet, so that’s something I can look forward to every day. I think my videos have exactly as many views as they’re supposed to and I am lucky to have each and every one of them. I’m proud of everything I make and I’m grateful to everyone who happens to find it.

"I Wish This Had More Views" (by mikefalzone)





Waterbears can go without food or water for more than a decade. They can survive temperatures from zero to above the boiling point of water, pressure six times stronger than the deepest ocean trench, radiation hundreds of times higher than the fatal dose for a human, and the vacuum of space.

Look at that damn thing
It’s lil legs

Tardigrades are the cutest, most bad ass little creatures on the planet and no one will ever convince me otherwise. These little fuckers can survive pretty much anything the universe can throw at them and come out smiling and able to keep on doing their favorite friggin thing, which is eat moss. THAT’S RIGHT, ONE OF THE MOST HARDY ANIMALS ON EARTH LIVES ON A DIET OF TEENY PLANT CELLS AND THE OCCASIONAL ITTY BITTY INVERTEBRATE. THEY’RE WEENSY AND CUDDLY AND CAN SURVIVE PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING AND I LOVE THEM TO BITS.

Survivor of all five mass extinctions. For every one of us there is a BILLION of them.

Yes. Did I just do awesome math. Yeah. Multiply one billion and 7 billion. 


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